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Six Ordained to the Gospel Ministry in EJC

Six Pastors were ordained to the Gospel Ministry in East Jamaica Conference at a special service of ordination held at the Kencot Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kingston on July 23, 2022.

Communication Dept| Phillip Castell

Six Pastors were ordained to the Gospel Ministry in East Jamaica Conference at a special  service of ordination held at the Kencot Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kingston on July 23, 2022. The service was attended by hundreds of church leaders, family members and friends who came to  give support  to their  pastor on this significant milestone of his life in ministry.


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Ordained ministers of the gospel lay hands on six pastors of the East Jamaica Conference as Pastor Adlai Blythe, Treasurer of Jamaica Union prays to God on their behalf during an Ordination Service on July 23, 2022. :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell


In his message to the ordinands, Pastor Everett Brown,  president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica, highlighted three important points as he encouraged the men to be faithful to God and the ministry to which they were called.


1. “Do not take your  calling to the ministry lightly,” Brown  warned. “To be called by God and set aside to the  Gospel ministry is perhaps the greatest honour God could bestow on a sinner saved by Grace.”
2. “Take care of your spiritual stock.”  Your connection with God is important,  and so the  moment you loose this your ministry will fail.”
3. “Be a faithful and trustworthy steward of God. Preach the word, teach the word but most importantly, live the word.”
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Six ordinands of the East Jamaica Conference participate in their special service of ordination on July 23, 2022. (L-R Pastors Dane Ferguson, Oshane Stewart, Darren Murphy, Ralston Tyrell, Romaine Richardson, Robert Francis). :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell


Life long Commitment

During his charge to the ordinands, Pastor Brown made a clear distinction between  the Gospel ministry and other professions when he said, “this is not the medical or teaching profession, this is the gospel mission. One should not be prepared to be ordained if you are not prepared to be a servant of God for life.”


The top pastor of the Adventist Church  in Jamaica  made it plain to the young men  before him that  ministry would not be easy and would call for courage for them to succeed.  


“You are not called to be an administrator. You are a prisoner of Jesus Christ, a slave of the most high God,”  said  Brown. “As you prayerfully accept ordination, this work is not for the weak or faint of heart. The ministry needs courageous, strong faithful men who like Paul, are not ashamed of the Gospel of  Jesus Christ.”


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Pastor Oshain Stewart and wife, Tamara. :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell

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Pastor Darren Murphy and wife Adiese. :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell

Brown’s message to the pastors was also extended to  their wives who were dressed in white  and seated beside them.


“Your success is going to be dependent on your relationship with God but also on the support of your spouse,” he counseled.  Speaking specifically to their spouses he said, “Wives, be there to support your spouse, do not nag him too much but be a sounding board for him.”  


The pastors who were ordained are:

Pastor Dane  Ferguson -  Golden Spring District of Churches.

Pastor Robert Francis - Yallahs District of Churches.

Pastor Darren Murphy - Everton Park District of Churches.

Pastor Romaine Richardson - Mavis Bank District of Churches.

Pastor Oshane Stewart -  Hampton Court District of Churches.

Pastor Ralston Tyrell - Port Morant District of Churches.


The ordinands were  all presented with a copy of the Bible by Pastor Meric Walker, president, East Jamaica Conference  while each ordinand was presented with his ordination certificate by Pastor Joseph Smith, Ministerial Secretary, Jamaica Union Conference.


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Pastor Romaine Richardson and wife, Melissa. :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell

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Pastor Robert Francis and wife, Kashina. :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell

Shepherdesses Lana Brown and Monica Walker  were on hand to welcome the wives to the sorority of ordained ministers’ wives and each was presented with a gift.


Other ministers officiating at the Ordination Service were: Pastors Adlai Blythe, Treasurer, Joseph Smith, Ministerial Secretary (Jamaica Union Conference) Pastors  Meric Walker, president, Melvin Francis, executive secretary, Alanzo Whyte, ministerial secretary (East Jamaica Conference).

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Pastor Ralston Tyrell :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell

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Pastor Dane Ferguson :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell

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