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Sandy Park dedicates new Audio Visual Room for the spreading of the Gospel

Church leaders, pastors and members of the Sandy Park SDA Church paused to give thanks to God at the dedication of the newly completed audio visual room of the church in the service of the Lord.

Communication Director| Phillip Castell

Church leaders, pastors and members of the Sandy Park SDA Church paused to give thanks to God at the dedication of the newly completed audio-visual room of the church in the service of the Lord.  


The service was led by pastor Howard Smith, pastor of the Sandy Park SDA Church and saw participation from former pastors, Samuel Lewis and Sebert Hamilton. The main message was delivered by Pastor Linton Williams, Executive Secretary, East Jamaica Conference.


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Pastor Howard Smith (left) cuts ribbon to the new audio visual room (located upstairs) with Pastor Sebert Hamilton (centre) on June 11, 2022 at the Sandy Park SDA Church. Pastor Linton Williams looks on. :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell


Constructed on top of the foyer at the front of the church, the Audio-Visual Room is strategically placed to provide communication team members a bird’s eye view of the pulpit and platform area.  The communication director and his team were more than grateful for this new and permanent space  from which the team will be able to operate  and house the audio visual equipment and personal who  provide technical service to the church.


“Church audio-visual is no a longer a luxury but a necessity,” said Pastor Williams during his presentation which highlighted the progress churches have made in the area of technology in recent times.” Churches today must be equipped with audio visuals,” Williams added, noting that in 1982 when he started in ministry, the audio visual equipment was a Delco generator and a little loud speaker. “Today the church has gone way beyond that to official technology that will put wings on the gospel so that it flies with beauty and speed,”  Williams said. “In my mind, that is why technology is important. It is to give colour, beauty and speed to the message so that it can be heard, seen and appreciated.”


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Pastor Howard Smith (with microphone) describes to the church what the new Audio Visual room looks like while Communication Director, Bro. Carl Mitchell (in white shirt) and a tech team member (right) provides visual of the room through a smartphone to those online. At extreme left, Pastor Samuel Lewis looks on. :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell


Pastor Williams, who disclosed that he would have completed forty years of unbroken service in East Jamaica Conference in three days time, advised the church that with today’s technology, what we do and say in a church no longer  remains local but goes global  due to live streaming.  He referred the congregation to the three angel’s message of Revelation 14:6 - 12  and said that  the church at Sandy Park was heading in the right direction  to  expend resources   to improve the communication capability of the church so that people can hear and be won for the Lord before it is too late.


Elder Elliott, first elder of the Sandy Park Church thanked the conceptualizers of the the idea for an audio Visual room and disclosed that Elder Thomas, who was the communication leader some years ago was  the person  to put forward  the idea of the church building an audio visual room. “He was largely ignored though,” Elliot disclosed, adding that  most people thought the cost was prohibitive  and the church would not be able to manage that cost.


“But then came pastor Hamilton,” Elliot continued. “When you came , you articulated a vision and the church bought that vision and out of that the Sandy Park Development Committee was constituted,” said Elliot. “The committee not only bought the vision  but they ran with it.”


Elliot thanks all the members of the church who contributed in cash and kind to make the building of the Audio visual room a possibility.


Pastor Samuel Lewis led the church in the act of dedication liturgy   for the new audio visual room and the prayer of dedication was offered by Pastor Linton Williams.


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View of the AV room from inside the church. :: Photo credit: Phillip Castell

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