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The birth and growth of the Regent Street Seventh -day Adventist Church is indeed of significant interest. She holds the title of a pioneer, being ranked second place in the history, existence and development of the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Kingston and third place in the entire island of Jamaica. To think of Regent Street, one is compelled to be descriptive. As a Lighthouse she towers, as a City of Refuge she stands, and as an Oasis she lays in the dry, thirsty desert of sin.

Many a lost found their way by her light, some whose lives could have been cut short have found safety at her doors and others whose thirsty quest for worldly pleasure have found the free waters of salvation in her services. We cannot but reflect on the marvelous ways in which God has led and protected us.

 Surely God has been her vanguard, through many years of a rough, rigorous journey in the wilderness of political polarization, economic deprivation and social depression.God has kept her as the House of Light and Refuge within that social context, providing home, rest, shelter, food, health care, education and spiritual direction for all. It is therefore high time to exclaim EBENEZER! "Hitherto hath the Lord helped us"

To all past and present Pastors and members I rejoice with you for having run the race and having kept the faith which qualifies us celebrating this Golden anniversary.

Permit me therefore to say, "March on dear church of God and do the best you can, to inspire the hearts of men as salvation plan and fulfill the cause of God."

Written by Pastor Holland Thompson.