Woodbourne District of Churches show love to Llandeway Police Station

Written by: Henry Shirley | Thursday, November 12, 2015

One  week after the October 25th Jamaica Union Conference Projects Day activities, approximately thirty members of the Woodbourne District of Churches, put hands and heart together and showed love at the Llandewey Police station in the cool hills of western St. Thomas on Sunday November 1, 2015 for Projects Day activities which formed part of the commemoration of the 125th years of Adventism in Jamaica. The Woodbourne District of churches includes the Albion, Ramble, Somerset and Woodbourne Seventh Day Adventist Churches, 

The team, many of who have never painted before took on the tasks of transforming the appearance of the more than 50 year old station building.


Member of the community looked on in admiration.

It all started when the Community Services Director at the Woodbourne SDA church, Brother Henry Shirley and the district Pastor Ralston Tyrell, toured the station to assess the needs of the lawmen and women.

While the needs were many, it was decided that the outer section of the station building and the perimeter wall would be given a facelift.

Corporal Michael Gordon, said it was a job well done as he and his team expressed their appreciation for the gesture.

Newly painted Station

Newly painted Station

Meanwhile, a four burner gas stove which is well needed will be handed over to the station at a later date.

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