Summer Camp Begins with ‘Built to Last’ Theme

Written by: Phillip Castell - Director, Comuunication, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Just over two hundred and fifty youths, officers, instructors and pastors gathered at the East Jamaica Conference's Phillipsfield Campsite in St. Thomas for the start of the 2019 Youth Camp which this year is being held under the theme “Built to Last 5th Edition.”

Custos Rotolorium of St. Thomas, Honorable Marcia Bennett, welcomed campers to the parish of St.  Thomas on behalf of the citizens. 

“Campers all, greetings. It is for me a signal honor on behalf of the people of St. Thomas in this beautiful parish surrounded by the Caribbean sea and the majestic Blue Mountains, to welcome you to camp 2019,” said Custos Marcia Bennett who admitted that she had never been to camp when she was a child. 

In his opening statements, JAMU Youth Director, Pastor Dane Fletcher zoomed in on the need for the young people to forge lasting friendships with each but most importantly with Christ. 

 “We are happy to know that our young people find time to come to camp where they can forge relationships that will last. Because just as camp is under the theme Built to Last, we believe that it is important for

our young people to forge relationships that will last. Most importantly of these relationships is the relationship that we have with Jesus Christ.,” Fletcher said.

The JAMU youth director expressed the desire for every camper and officer to get a fresh glimpse of Jesus Christ and to have a stronger bond with him that will last even unto eternity.

 From the opening night, the creativity of the youth ministries leadership team was evidenced in how they used simple materials to form the “Built to last” back drop for the stage and make shift sanctuary which was concealed at first with curtains.

EJC Youth Director, Pastor Ray Davis could hardly hold back the excitement in his voice as he declared the 2019 summer camp officially open.

“It is my distinct privilege and pleasure this evening to declare summer camp ‘Built to Last 5th edition’  open,” he said, to the cheers and applause of the happy campers.  He then gave a brief over view of some of the activities that would keep them engaged  while at camp over the next seven days.    

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