Rollington Town Women Sip Tea for Unity

Written by: Deonne Smith, Rollington Town SDA Church | Thursday, December 6, 2018

Teacups, fascinators and fancy dresses came out to play as the women of the Rollington Town Seventh-Day Adventist Church gathered to sip tea and play at the Women’s’ Ministries tea party, held on the church grounds, last Sunday, December 2, 2018.

The event, which is the first of its kind, brought together approximately forty-five women, who were treated to poetry, music, lunch and tea.

“We wanted the sisters to build deeper and lasting bonds, while having a fabulous time” says Kaydian Beckford who is Women’s Ministries Director at Rollington Town SDA.

The women were also encouraged by a strong message of affirmation from Elder Claudette Genas,Director of Women's, Children's and Family Ministries at the East Jamaica Conference.

During her presentation to the ladies, she encouraged the women to make each day as new as a cup of tea, to look at things positively, treat themselves and to affirm each other.

Elder Genas personally hugged the members of the committee as she congratulated them on the initiative.

As a part of the day’s activities, the women had the opportunity to share warmly about their pixies as they exchanged gifts.

At the close of the event, several women poured out their congratulations to the team and shared how impactful the event was for what would have been for them an ordinary Sunday.

“The ladies certainly had a great time, during the programme there were bouts of laughter here and there, and that was the intent, for the ladies to let their hair down, unwind, and touch each other's lives with their words of affirmation. Their response was magical, and with nods, smiles, and laughter we affirmed each other, we were in one accord” Beckford said.

The tea party is slated to become an annual initiative of the Women’s Ministries Department at the Rollington Town SDA church.

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