Governor General Celebrates with 100 Year Old at Church Service

Written by: Phillip E. L. Castell, Director, Communication, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty | Tuesday, March 20, 2018

There was no fanfare or shouts of celebration when she walked through the front door of the church she had been attending for the past fifteen years but she had a pleasant smile on her face as she was guided to the front seat by her pastor and the head usher of the church.   

Only few recognized that Sis. Adelena Lalor was the oldest member of the Hagley Park SDA Church  and that she had come to worship and give God thanks for allowing her live past her 100th birthday.   

There were even fewer people who knew beforehand, that joining Sis. Lalor for worship on this day, would be His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen and his wife Lady Allen, who  would be coming specifically to greet her in person and to congratulate her on reaching this important milestone.   

 Adelena Lalor, who turned 100 years old on March 12, 2018, was the honored guest at the Hagley Park SDA Church on March 17, 2018 and was greeted specially by the Governor General upon his arrival at the

church.  Sir Patrick Allen and Lady Allen, were obviously pleased to be in church to worship God and to celebrate this special moment with Adelina and her family. 

“It is a joy to be worshiping with you and to join in the celebration,” the Governor General  said, as he addressed the church before bringing special words of greetings to the new centenarian.

“We are here first of all to celebrate Jesus Christ our Lord and then we are here also celebrating with Sis. Lalor who is celebrating one hundred years of living on this earth.”

 Sir Patrick Allen, who served as the head of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica prior to being called to the office of the Governor General just over nine years ago, said it was a joy to see someone live to the age of one hundred. “It is a remarkable achievement” he said, underscoring the fact that     Lalor had  lived more than twenty years longer than  the time allotted to the average person  according to scripture.  

Said the Governor General, “the days of our years are three score and ten and if by reason of strength it goes to four score but she has gone twenty more years in addition to the eighty and so there is something good that she has done and we could learn from her and have some longevity in our lives to be of greater service to God.”  

From the words uttered from his lips, it was obvious that the blessed hope of the Advent Message still burned bright within his heart as he spoke with certainty of a time when sickness and old age would be a thing of the past.

  “We celebrate what God has done in your life. We celebrate with you the hope of the Second Advent, of seeing Jesus when we won’t have to worry about getting old our getting sick anymore because as the song writer says “In the land of fade-less day lies a city four square. It shall never pass away and there is no night there when sickness and sorry and death and dying shall be no more”

 President of East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Eric Nathan and his wife Carol were also happy to be there to share the special moment with Sis. Lalor.  In highlighting the significant milestone of living to that age, Pastor Nathan said it was an unusual occurrence in our days for people to live beyond one hundred years.

 “To live to see 100 is not normal because of our lifestyle. The people of our country are dying at a younger age. When we find people like Sis. Lalor, we must celebrate occasions like these,” the president said. “We must learn all we can from people like Sis. Lalor who have lived to see 100 years.”  

Pastor of the Hagley Park SDA Church, Pastor Bailey said Lalor had been a member of the church for the past 15 years and noted that she was a cheerful person who was always smiling. “I believe that is one of the things that has contributed to her long life,” Bailey said noting that she is always happy in the Lord.

In her response to the church    after being presented with a gift basket Adelena gave God thanks for blessing her with long life and noted that many younger persons  are dying  yet she still  remains alive.

“I give God thanks and praise for all that he has done for me, for plenty young ones are passed and gone and God spared my life to reach one hundred. I have to give thanks every step of the way,” the centenarian said.  

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