GEMS hosts 1st Fasting & Prayer Session for 2018

Written by: Dr. Yvette Castell, EJC GEMS Coordinator | Thursday, February 1, 2018

The first official activity for the Girls of Eloquence, Morals and Standards for 2018 took the form of a prayer and fasting service held on Sunday, January 28, 2018, at the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists. A total of 50 persons (44 GEMS, and 6 mentors/coordinators) from 13 churches attended the service.

The Revival and Reformation Theme for the first quarter of 2018 - “Made Strong Through the Power of the Word: Interceding for our Families” was powerfully emphasized by Dr. Yvette Castell, EJC GEMS Coordinator, as she addressed the GEMS at the beginning of the service.

Elder Claudette Genas, Family, Women, Children and Adolescents Ministries Director of the EJC shared with the GEMS on the topic “Lord Transform My Family – Nuclear and Church”. Dr. Ann-Marie Williams one of our Shepherdesses, talked with the GEMS on the “Power of Prayer”.

She recounted several personal experiences where she proved God through prayer and gave the GEMS pointers on how they can be equipped and made strong through prayer.

The GEMS shared many powerful and inspiring testimonies of how God came through for them in their times of need and thanked God for his guidance in their lives.  Dr. Eric Nathan, President of EJC, encouraged the GEMS to continue holding high the standard for Seventh-day Adventist young ladies.

At the end of the session, all in attendance felt spiritually refreshed and renewed to continue on the “Lord Transform Me” pathway.

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