Florence Hill District of Churches launch GEMS

Written by: Dr. Yvette Castell, EJC GEMS Coordinator | Tuesday, March 20, 2018

On Sabbath March 10, 2018, the Girls of Eloquence, Morals and Standards (GEMS) Ministry was officially launched for the Florence Hill District of churches (Florence Hill, Lawrence Tavern, Cavaliers, Peat Hill and Tom’s River).

In attendance were Elder Claudette Genas, East Jamaica Conference’s (EJC’s) Family, Women, Children and Adolescents Ministries Director and Dr. Yvette Castell EJC’s GEMS Coordinator who led out in the installation service.

Women’s Ministry Directors/Representatives from the five churches - Sisters Janet Marshall from Florence Hill, Markion Stanbury from Lawrence Tavern, Michelle Hammond from Cavaliers, Sharon Benjamin from Peat Hill and Simms from Tom’s River, stood with their GEMS and mentors as together they committed themselves to the ultimate goal of bringing souls to Jesus.

GEMS Presidents – Caverna Headley from Florence Hill, Rae-Ann Clarke from Lawrence Tavern, Deandra Bailey from Cavaliers, Petrona Davidson from Peat Hill and Kallejay Terrelong from Tom’s Rivers

pledged along with the GEMS from their churches committed by the grace of God, to “set their eyes on things above” as they repeated the GEMS motto.

Dr. Castell encouraged the congregation gathered, to support and sustain the GEMS, their mentors and coordinators as they officially launched the ministry in their churches. She reminded them to keep their eyes on the end product and not the starting point…..to keep their eyes on the diamond and not the coal, the pearl and not the sand grain, the butterfly and not the caterpillar, the precious vessel and not the clay, the gold and not the dust, the saint and not the sinner.

Shepherdess, Sis. Marcela Lewis, gave the special prayer of consecration for the GEMS, their mentors and coordinators.

Indeed, the world will know the GEMS when God has made a difference in each of their lives.

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