EJC Colporteur Snatch Top Prize in IADPA Book Challenge

Written by: Sophia Dormer - Administrative Assistant to the Communication Department | Thursday, July 4, 2019

It  was a jubilant moment at the Maranatha SDA Church in Mandeville on June 26, 2019 as Colporteurs from across Jamaica Union came together to celebrate with the winners of the IADPA book store challenge.

In February of 2019  Sister Clara Spengler, manager of the IADPA Bookstore and Pastor Otoniel Perlo, assistant editor of the IADPA Bookstore presented two special book packages to the Colporteurs at a reduced cost, in addition to providing a special incentive for those who sold seventy-five copies of the given books.

At the end of the three months challenge Sister Sanika Duhaney of East Jamaica Conference was the champion winner. She emerged the winner with the sale of 101 books, ahead of Sister Valerie Bell of the Central Jamaica Conference who snatched second place with 100 books; while Sister Angella Brown of West Jamaica Conference who was unavoidable absent was next in line with 99 Books. They each were awarded US dollar cash prizes in addition to one night at an all-inclusive hotel. Not to be left out, colporteurs who sold 75 books and above will also be sharing in the all-inclusive hotel celebration.

“How I did it was as a result of the help of God, said Duhaney, and more so there was a particular book in the set which is a plant base diet book, what I did was to introduce that book to persons I come in contact with, and as a result of that the entire set was sold”.

Second place winner Valrie Bell said, “By faith I go out there and I pray and ask the Lord to help me and I was successful. I challenge everyone to go out there, although the sun is hot, by faith you can do it”.

Though not the champion, East Jamaica Conference Colporteur, Elvis McKay was elated as he too, for the first time in this challenge, sold 92 sets, this joy was shared with many of his co-worker as they cheered and applauded him for his effort and a job well done.

“I must say the challenge was very rewarding I was able to sell 75 sets”, said Sister Annette Page of the North Jamaica Conference.

Dr. Lorenzo Brown, Publishing Ministries Director of East Jamaica Conference was all smiles as he congratulated Sanika, and all the Colporteurs who have done well. “I am very proud of my Colporteurs, said Brown.

Publishing Director JAMU, Pastor Dudley Hosin expressed delight and joy as he commended the colporteurs for the tremendous work they have done.  He reminded them that “With Christ they are Champions.”

As the Colporteurs go out each day they are constantly being reminded that the work of the Publishing department and what they do is one of outer most importance “There are many places in which the voice of the minister cannot be heard, places which can be reached only by publications,—the books, papers, and tracts filled with the Bible truths that the people need”

Sharing in the celebration were Publishing directors of all five Conferences along with IADPA local book store manager Mrs. Debbie McLean.

The challenge bore such a success that IADPA have given the colporteurs yet another challenge. Pastor Otoniel Perlo, assistant editor of the IADPA Bookstore made the special presentation by introducing each of the three books, telling why it was important for persons to have these book in their homes, 24 Realistic ways to improve your Health, Living for Triumph and Love Season.

The challenge this time will be to sell 60 sets or more. Another great incentive awaits the winners which will include a bag with wheels to help lift the load off their shoulders as they take the word of God through the printed pages to the world.

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