Adventist Professor laments lack of curiosity about the Bible

Written by: Phillip E. L. Castell, Director, Communication, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty | Thursday, January 26, 2017

The second Convention in two weeks in East Jamaica Conference was held at the Woodbourne SDA Church in St. Thomas where hundreds gathered to worship God from the ten congregations that comprise the Yallahs and Woodbourne district of churches in that parish.

The service of celebration and praise was held under the theme ‘Experiencing the Transformation’ and saw church Administrators, Directors and Conference workers from Headquarters in Kingston share their visions and plans with church members in this region.

Guest speaker for the Divine Service was Dr. Earl Cameron, Professor at the School of Religion at Northern Caribbean University who entitled his sermon: ‘The Legacy of Curiosity’.

“Everyday people get into trouble because of curiosity,” said Dr. Cameron as he began the build up to his sermon.   

“It was curiosity that caused men like Copernicus, Einstein, Galileo and many of the scientists which caused us to have a better understanding of our world today, ’ Cameron said as he laid  the foundation for his message.  

 “Jesus himself was curious when he went to the temple and was talking with doctors and lawyers in his day when he was twelve years old.”

The preacher of righteousness signaled to the church that there is a need for more persons to show greater interest in the things of God.  “I wish the youths of our church would be more curious about the Bible and the things of God than about the world,” Dr. Cameron said.

Cameron based his message upon the story  of Zacchaeus  found in Luke 19: 1 – 10 and posited that it was out of curiosity why   Zacchaeus  caught a glimpse of Jesus  and was finally transformed when Jesus  visited him in his house that day.  

 The University professor ended his message with an appeal by asking persons to open the doors of their hearts to Jesus.

Earlier in the day, President of East Jamaica Conference Dr. Eric Nathan welcomed three police officers into the Convention when they came by to request special prayers. The men were on duty in their uniforms and even had their firearms but they were offered a seat in the church as they waited for their prayer request. Pastors and elders were invited to encircle the law men while prayer was offered for them by Dr. Cameron.

In explaining the meaning of the words chosen for the theme for the day, President of East Jamaica Conference, Pastor Eric Nathan said “We are now moving from Lord Transform Me as a prayer to Experiencing the Transformation.

“When people experience transformation your family will know it. Anytime an individual experiences transformation, it won’t be a secret. People at your work place and in your community will notice that you are being transformed.”

Pastor Nathan went on to share that transformation will impact even how people eat and drink and encouraged the church to pay more

attention to the health laws that have been given to the church to improve our quality of life.

Church members rejoiced for the life of their brother and friend, Henry Shirley who gave a gripping story of how was saved from death after being held up at gunpoint in his house.

Shirley testified that he was gagged and bound in his house and his mobile phone, laptop, digital camera and motor vehicle taken from him by thugs.

“After leaving my house they went to somewhere called John’s Town where they killed someone and crashed my car twice,’ Shirley told the church.

“Friends, I just want you to know that it makes sense to serve the Lord,” said Shirley.” If it wasn’t for God’s goodness I wouldn’t be here today.”

Henry donated his camera which was subsequently retrieved by the police to the Communication Department of his church.

Interim V.P of Academic Administration at NCU, Dr. Beverly Cameron, brought greetings on behalf of the NCU President, Dr. Lincoln  Edwards and the Administrative staff  of the University when she made  a brief promotion on Adventist Christian Education.

 “Christian education is not a preference it is a conviction,” Dr. Cameron told the church. She also emphasized to the church that “Christian education is not an expense but an investment.”   

In the afternoon, Pastors Linton Hamilton and Ralston Tyrell shared some of the evangelistic plans that were undertaken in their pastoral districts in 2016. Members were also given an opportunity to ask questions of the Conference Directors and Administrators and to share concerns that they were having in their church with the church leaders.

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