60 Graduate from EJC School of Evangelism

Written by: Sophia Dormer - Admin. Assistant Communication Department | Thursday, January 25, 2018


The East Jamaica Conference School of Evangelism graduated another set of lay-preachers and bible workers trained and ready to bring souls to Christ. The graduation exercise which was tied with the “Lord Transform Me” members appreciation symposium was held at the Hagley Park Seventh-day Adventist Church on January 21, 2018.

Just over 60 graduates from across the four zones in the East Jamaica Conference of SDA marched proudly down the aisle bringing to an end months of hard work and memorable training. The theme for the event was “Emphasizing the Transformation.”

Principal for the School of Evangelism, Pastor Carl Cunningham in presenting the graduates, said the last few months in 2017 was dedicated to the study of the Science, the art and craft of evangelism, and discipleship.  Cunningham told the audience that a challenge was put out to the constituency under the burden for total membership involvement, to see more members trained and equipped as soldiers for Christ.

 EJC President, Dr. Eric Nathan in accepting the graduates commended the graduates and special awardees for their hard work. He emphasized to the graduates that the authority that the certificate carries must be used to promote the soon coming of Jesus Christ.  Dr. Nathan encouraged the graduates to not go back to their churches and be ordinary, but be extraordinary….Don’t think you are too small to make a difference, he said, “when you feel too small,  consider a mosquito so small that you can hardly see it, but if that mosquito infect you with the right kind of disease, it can wipe out a nation”. Go back to your church, he implored them, and be like a mosquito with the most deadly virus, and infect your church, so that it can cure sin and see men and women ready for the kingdom.

Guest speaker and Assistant to the President, JAMU, Pastor Joseph Smith, gave exhortation from St. John 17 v18.   He said “inspite of all that is

happening in our world God is still here at work; inspite of all that is happening in our society here in Jamaica, God is at work. He continued, “The church of God has a mission for every member of the church, mission is done for those on the outside, ministry is done for those on the inside. Every member of the church have a mission or ministry. 

You were trained so you can fulfill your mission or ministry… He who calls you have entrusted you with a mission, go forth in his name and remember when he comes, he will give you his rewards”.  Zone 2 Coordinator and pastor of the Andrews SDA Church Leonard Steel offered the dedicatory prayer for the graduates and awardees.   

Courses taught through the programme were, Principles of Evangelism and Discipleship, Bible counselling and Discipleship, Lay-evangelism Preaching and Evangelistic Preaching for Elders.    Valedictorian, Elder Vermont Murray,  said history was being created, as he jokingly told the graduates that he had never been adorned in a graduation gown before today, neither had he ever marched with a graduation class, or conceived that he would be asked to be the valedictorian.  Explore and learn naturally will lead to proclaim and reap, said Murray, “we have been taught and we are ready to be involved. We have a new set of highly trained and motivated evangelist, lay-preachers, bible workers, ready to unleash full assault on the camp of Satan and to win more converts for prince Immanuel”.  Special thanks was given to all the pastors who served as teachers during the training.

Following the graduation awards, several members of the church where awarded and appreciated for their outstanding service given in the various departments of church.  Including in the awards where members of the deaf society who had given sterling contribution to this ministry.  

Two recipients received the President’s awards for outstanding work in Evangelism and Lay-preaching. They were Elder Noel Jump of the Andrews SDA Church, who over the past 23 years have been the leading lay-preacher in East Jamaica conference and has baptized over 150 precious souls per year; and Sister Jennifer Dillion of the Ebenezer SDA Church, Dillion serves as the Conference Bible School Coordinator, who goes across the conference establishing bible schools, she also conducted a crusade held at her home church and broke the record by baptizing the most persons on that site.


Presenting the awards on the behalf of the President, was Elder Donmayne Gyles, Treasurer, EJC.  Other directors present to assistant in handing out the awards were:  Mrs. Kathleen Dunkley, Mrs. Claudette Genas, Elder Waldon Wright and Elder Phillip Castell.   

Special music was given by Bro. Norman Grant.  Pastor Cunningham in closing made reference to a quote from C. S. Lewis author of the Book “Wait of Glory”  which says, “The last appreciation will be given by Jesus Christ himself, when he lay his hand on you and say words we will be glad to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant”.

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