Women's Ministries

  1. Team members, February 10, 2018 is our Couples Symposium.  You should have picked up your parking and lunch tickets. Please do all you can to have at least one non- SDA couple in attendance.    
  2. Family Ministries Team members please note that we are meeting from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. this Sabbath on the Hagley Park Prep School grounds for prayer in relation to our Couples Symposium.
  3. Father Daughter; Mother Son Symposium March 3, Half Way Tree. Let’s keep the relationship growing. Please begin the promotion. Remember we need at least one non- SDA duo. Theme-Building Relationship: Enhancing Family Fellowship
  4. Kindly note that the IAD has involved our children & adolescents a direct assignment in the act of Total Member Involvement (TMI).  Kindly see the calendar of events that indicates the area of witnessing for each month. They are to wear a patch for January marked TRUTHFULNESS.  
  5. All Family & Women’s Ministries team directors and assistants please note that the material for your package was sent to you via soft copy because of the volume.
  6. Premarital/ Relationship sessions has resumed.
  7. Kindly note that counselling and relationship sessions are held every 1st Wednesday at the Yallahs SDA church from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  8. In order to assist our children and young people who are doing well, we have begun individual growth guidance sessions. Kindly call for appointments.
  9. Singles Ministry: We need the contact for the male and female coordinators in all our churches.  We also need a compulsory savings collector in each church to make this year singles retreat for the males bigger and memorable.   
  10. Bible Spell-a-thon will be held in May 2018. Kindly submit the names of the participants by February 28, 2018. An original Bible verse song is expected from each church.
  11. In keeping with the mandate to make all our women fully literate, kindly call 298-8242, so we can continue to assist those women in your church that need help.
  12. Children & Adolescents’ Ministries zone leaders please start preparation for your district conventions. The senior church in each district is expected to lead the way.
  13. Parents who have youngsters who need counselling, call us .
  14. Hats off to the 2017 Family, Women, Children & Adolescents’ Ministries team members. Remember that our sacrificial efforts are recognized by God.
  15. Your help is needed to update the marriage list so we can account for the number of couples in each church. See form the last data attached.
  16. Toddlers’ Day: Get ready for this activity which will be held at
  17. Registration for Prepare Enrich will take place in February. The cost for the course is US $ 80.00. It is open to any adult.

  “Today exemplify tolerance and forgiveness. Promote reconciliation with those who have offended you”.       

Celebration Emphasis for the month of January is Choice (adults) & Truthfulness (children & adolescents). Kindly note that the IAD as involved our children & Adolescents direct assignment in Total Member Involvement {TM



Claudette Genas
Director of Women's, Children's and Family Ministries