Children's & Adolescents Ministries

Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day, June 12.  Theme: Come, See the Savior of the World. Kindly promote in your church. This is the only program for the year that we are inviting you to lay aside all your plans and join us for this special service being coordinated by your zone coordinators sisters Audrey Anderson, Marcia Barnaby, Eulee Ffrench, Celia Salmon & Janet Grant. Please see poster


B.  Kindly send us the names and photographs of 2 of your most outstanding Women’s Ministries team members by May 3, 2021. For further information please call the EJC Office / Sis. Janet Grant the EJC WM Coordinator

 Jamaica Union Conference Children & Adolescents Prayer Conference “I will go with Jesus.” Sabbath, May 22, 2021, starting @9:15 am.   See poster for more information


National Children’s Day, Friday, May 21



Our next Committed Wives Forum will be held June 26. Please note that we have increased the capacity for this forum. 


If you haven’t yet join our Committed Wives Ministry… Here is the invite link to be a part of our ministry



ASI Missionaries ‘Project ASIST’ needs your contribution for their ‘Adult& baby Pampers plus & Wipes Drive’. Drop off point EJC Children’s Ministries Department. Hats off to Dr. Pearce Dennis, Sis. Markion Stanburry for their involvement. We need your help.



GEMS Coin Drive: January - June 2021.


ASI Missionaries 10th anniversary  June


GEMS Evangelistic Reaping Series will be held July 11-17.  Theme: “Going PR2 (Proclaim, Reclaim, Retain) Poster coming soon.


ASI Missionaries Evangelistic Reaping Series, July 18-31

EJC Bible Spell-a-thon on zoom platform. Register now.

International Children and Adolescents Ministries Day, August 14

End It Now – August 29. All departments in the conference.

Family Togetherness Week & prayer for Marriages & Families…September 5 – 11 in all churches.


FMDs please register the names and date of marriage of all couples in your church & send this to us by June 20.


Invite your non SDA married friends to our Couples Renewal and Relationships program to be held on Sabbath, September 11, 2021 @ 4 p.m. on EJC Virtual Church Platform.


FMDs, please send the names & telephone contact of 3 widows in your church to 2988242 via WhatsApp or call the FMD @ EJC.


Women Reclaiming Other Women:  All females are asked to seek out and minister to one female who is separated from the church.


Female CIA spouses Devotion & Prayer for Husbands.  Come be a part of this ministry.


Coming Soon: i. Ministry to spouses without children ii.  Ministry for NON SDA Spouses iii. OPTIONS –(Monthly program for young females)  iv.  HUSH & WHISPER


All married persons are invited to be a part of the Couples in Action (CIA) and or Couples in Action Fellowship (CIAF) marriage strengthening activities WhatsApp group. Invite your non SDA married friends also.


EJC Wellness Ministry is inviting persons with counselling skills to contact the Family Ministries Department.  We need One Another!!!


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    D.R Missionaries consecrated

    Little “Giants for Jesus” were on display at the Shortwood Seventh-day Adventist Church a few days before their departure to the Dominican Republic for the Adventist-laymen Services & Industries, ASI, Mission 2000 & beyond trip.



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