Office of the Treasurer

COVID-19 cannot separate us from the love of God and our gratitude to Him.

To: All Pastors, Elders and Treasurers Greetings to all team members.

As we adopt to our new realities resulting from COVID-19, the way we worship has changed significantly for the next few months or more. We now need to observe social distancing and the health protocols issued by the Government.

Our congregations have splintered into Branch Sabbath Schools, small groups or home groups. We desire to have all groups enjoy the full range of worship experience in prayer, praise, exhortation and giving to the Lord.

Therefore as we strategize to facilitate faithful stewardship let us ensure that we are high on ministry and accountability. Here are some guidelines in these areas:

1) Members should have an awareness of the persons coordinating, visiting or accommodating stewardship of their groups, if not by name then by office such as elders or deacons, communicated in a discreet manner.

2) When visiting, create a worshipful setting, similar to shut-in communion but without the ordinances, that fosters stewardship participation.

3) Remember to limit contact using the hand.

4) Ensure you sanitize before and after each visit or handling of money and recording material.

5) Sanitization should be done in front of the members visited (to set them at ease).

6) If draining sinus, dust or money causes allergy-like responses such as coughing or sniffling, should withdraw from the programme.

7) Those charged with assisting the church treasury with collections should be vetted by the board.

8) Those charged with assisting the treasury with collections at different points must also observe treasury rules:

o At least two persons should be present for collection for any tithe and offering o An audit sheet to record collections (whether sealed envelopes or loose amounts).

o Sealed envelopes must not be opened without the presence of the treasurer or board designee.

o Both collectors should agree and sign the audit sheet at the end of each collection period. Report on the said form any unusual observations relating to the condition of envelopes.

o Accumulated collections (envelopes and loose offerings) and accompanying audit sheets, where possible should be held in tamper-proof plastic bags (these can be ordered from your local bank) until collected by central treasury person designees.

9) Where drop boxes are instituted at the church, sufficient security protocols should be in place for the set time, to safeguard, redeem or transport their contents.

10) Make available the banking information of the church, so that members may use telebanking, online transfers or direct deposits to the bank account. Remind members to provide the payment confirmation and a breakdown of the giving (into Tithe, Offering or any special contribution) for proper recording.

11) In addition, members may also make telebanking, online transfers or direct deposits to the East Jamaica Conference:

Scotiabank – Half Way Tree Road Account number: 60145-53511 Email payment confirmation and breakdown report to and

Churches will be notified on a monthly basis of these contributions and the local church portion paid directly to the church’s bank account. To facilitate this process, we are requesting the following banking information through the pastors:

Account name as stated on bank statements or cheque leave

Name of Bank

Bank branch or address

Account type (savings or chequing)

Account number

Email account for notifications

COMING SOON: EJC Giving platform at or on our website at using the donate button positioned at the top right of the page. Stay tuned.

In times of scarcity the risk of theft multiplies. Let us conduct this ministry prayerfully, apply wisdom and caution, go in groups, and go with God. He neither slumber nor sleep and watches our going out and coming in. In His hand we are “safe”


Keisha Manning
Assistant Treasurer

Administrative Assistant

Kay Scott
Administrative Assistant