Special Projects

  • Camp Phillipsfield

    Project Title: Philipsfield Camp, Retreat Oasis and Adventure Park

    Project Sponsor: Dr. Eric Nathan

    Project Manager: Desmond Young

    Project Customer: EJC of Seventh - day Adventist

    Date Prepared: February 15, 2015


    1. Project Purpose/Justification


    One of the essential features for nurturing a church community is the provision of facilities that support the fundamental pillars that undergird the philosophies, values and cultural practices of the organization. With reference to the five fundamental pillars or strategic goals of the present administration lead by Dr. Eric Nathan – Spirituality, Ownership, Family, Fellowship & Faithfulness (SOFFF) – it is critical that this vision for establishing a camping facility of this nature be a priority.


    The Seventh – day Adventist (SDA) church has a long history and association with camping. Like the Israelites in the Old Testament, camping and community building define our philosophy and destiny.


    The East Jamaica Conference (EJC) recently occupied the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Thomas, Portland and Eastern St. Mary. Under this arrangement, the Robins Bay Camp Site (Camp Don) was the camping facility that addressed the relevant needs and unique characteristics of the socio-cultural and spiritual requirements of the constituency. After the establishment of the North - east Conference of SDA which inherited Camp Don, it became necessary that a new Camp site be located and that a camping facility be established to meet the needs of the newly configured EJC.


    Three past presidents and their teams have contributed to the search for this vision to be timely realized. A parcel of land of over three hundred and sixty acres was purchased to be the answer to the search. The time has come for this dream to be fully realized.


    Project General Objectives:

    1. To develop a facility for hosting major gatherings - a congregation of approximately three thousand five hundred, over several days and in different seasons.

    2. To provide a facility for hosting, Youth, Master Guides, Pathfinders, or other Church Camps, and Retreats.         This includes annual summer camps, Camp Meetings, Leaders’ Summits and Conventions.

    3. To create facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities.

    4. To construct housing accommodation for camp attendants as well as special guests suites for family retreats, honeymoons & vacations.  

    5. To develop an exquisite environment for relaxation, recuperation, general and therapeutic rejuvenation.

    6. To develop an environment suitable for “ecotourism” with guided forest tours and excursions.

    7. To create an oasis for prayer, devotional & spiritual renewal.

    8. To establish and facilitate agricultural investment and development;

    9. Develop standards to guide future development of this type for Jamaica Union

    10. Create a “Maranatha Style Team“ for future construction

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